At Nemoi we view our clients as team members, team members that we work closely with on a mutual goal of helping them reach and exceed their strategic and creative goals. The first step in that partnership is to interact with the client by asking questions and when I say questions, I mean a lot of questions. Sometimes meeting with the client can take hours depending on how big the scope of the project. We ask the client many questions like, “Where do you find the challenges that are getting in the way?” Questions like these are not only to help us understand who they see as their target audience but also helps us see what they might not see as a potential target audience. We look at their users or customers and understand the pain points and challenges. Then we spend some time talking about what their goals are, how do they see their company or product, who do you see as your customer and why, what makes their product better than their competition, and where they see there a company in five years. These are just a few of the questions we ask, the point of the questions is to get a better understand of how the client sees themselves and how they see their target audience.

We ask question after question to help understand what obstacles our client might have our job is to help our clients with that, to figure out and understand the customer before we move to design.

For us, one of the most important exercises is the discovery process that helps in identifying the clients’ customer base so it is better understood what kind of behaviors are driving sales.

Another reason why we gather information during the interview process of the exercise is so that we can use it as a reference throughout the entire process. While we go through the design process will always check back to the information gathered to not just make sure that we are on message.


Our approach to this project will be first to immerse ourselves in the content pertaining to the issues and challenges. Next, we will provide ideas on a strategic direction for the campaign focus. Then, we will begin the creative development process. This is the fun part! We will break each area out and develop ideas that address each unique challenge. Naturally, each area will be connected through the overall campaign message. Next, two or three campaigns will be presented to the client – along with Nemoi’s recommendation. Revisions (if necessary) will then be made and the campaign will be presented again. Our next step will be to work with professionals that will help us produce the work.

The creative will be approved at each step before we move on. Once the creative has been approved, we will move on to the post-production finishing work of the creative. Finally, the completed campaign will be presented to the client. Once it has been approved, the work will be distributed via media outlets to the public.

After each project is complete and at the request of the client, we will upload workable files of work done either to the clients FTP site, DropBox or any other delivery system that the client approves.



Samples of Brand Development

When developing a new or redesigning an existing brand, our creative and strategic team begin with research focusing on the clients target audience. Research should build on existing messaging and campaigns to create a brand that reflects various sub-brands. The new brand must establish a comprehensive and compelling “umbrella” brand for all programs. User testing is expected with final reports on findings.

We sometimes use focus groups to give us a better understanding of how the target audience views the clients’ product or business.

Here Are A Few Brand Exploration Development Samples

Here Is A Santa Monica Process Book


The goal of our campaign is to build awareness not only of the City but the surrounding area of Long Beach. We will develop a campaign that features a treasure map that can be used with a pamphlet or a down loadable app that the viewer can interact with. This will be a weekend event that would go on for a year. Each participating store, restaurant, or museum will give out prizes or samples. The purpose of this campaign would be beneficial for those small businesses around Long Beach that most wouldn’t know that they were there.


All participating business in the surrounding area of Long Beach will sign an intent to participate providing information about there business like what type of business they have and what they provide, what’s their specialty or what they are known for and there address and contact information. This information will then be placed within the App. and pamphlet. The goal is to grow awareness of that business that is not as well known and build foot traffic to that business. Each business will have easily down loadable information about their products and services. With the swipe of the phone or QR code. This will allow those businesses to send out email campaigns of their latest specials and promotions.


The purpose of this campaign is to build knowledge of small businesses around Long Beach while making it fun for those that are participating and those business that participates they expand their customer base.



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